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When: September 16, 2013 9 AM to September 19, 2013 6 PM

Where: University of Santo Tomas

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Entertainment with indispensable subtext – sometimes plays just have to become satirical in the frankest sense in the hope of correcting society.
UST Mediartrix, the university-wide multimedia musical theater organization is about to stage its annual minor production this September, which is usually an originally written play by its literary department, following a traditional thread of comedy musicals. However, this year, comedy is just one leg.

Un/Popular Problems roots from the notion of maltreatment, singling out, discrimination, or in a more familiar term, bullying, which is a well-known societal issue that is rather denied than resolved. It has been quite overlooked to the extent of not realizing that it moves lives all over the internet, along street corners, starting from the doorstep of a supposedly affectionate home, inside washrooms of educational institutions, or just through another person’s judgmental eyes. Whichever way we look at it, it destroys, and Mediartrix used it as a foundation to create a story that should not only scream out the conflict it holds but also to present it in a lighter way through comedy, but of course with arresting undertone bullets.

The musical comedy play is set in typical high school grounds, where the most awful bullying schemes happen. Clearly, the story revolves around two character ideals: the bully and the bullied. Every day is a struggle for the bullied while it is an attention party for the bully. It goes on as a horrendous routine in the lives of two completely distinct teenagers until one day, a miracle puts it to an end – not in the most pleasant or the most violent of ways, not even reaching the principal’s office, but only through the strangest of events. And one would never think it was even possible.

Being partly realistic and fictional, the weird element gives its essence a definitive touch. The story will expose not only the shiny evident sides but also the dustiest corners: the angles that are mostly silenced and mistaken as inexistent. Moreover, it will lead to a better understanding of the compassionate idea that everyone is fighting a hard battle, and that bullying will only push one to the edge of a cliff, especially the vulnerable and fragile youth.

The play is plotted on comic grounds, exhibiting realistic everyday situations taken into a lighter mood, in which the scenes are hilariously executed by high school teenager stereotypes.

Everyone is invited to come see what happens to the daily torture and how it ends, promising two hours of good laugh and entertainment. Catch the show on these dates and times, at Albertus Magnus auditorium, University of Santo Tomas.
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